Creating a genuinely compliant culture

Companies are waking up to the fact that compliance is not about ticking boxes. It’s about creating a genuinely compliant culture, where people understand that compliance gives them business advantage.

It only needs one employee to act in a way that is seen as unethical, and widespread dissemination of this through social media can result in enormous reputational damage for the organisation. Smart companies are doing something about this, and not just giving their employees repeated hours of mandatory training. That was the old world.

In the new world of compliance:

  • Training is driven by employee experience not policy
  • Employees are accountable for their own learning
  • The focus is on knowledge not completion rates
  • Training is delivered at point of need

Putting ethics and compliance at the heart of your organisation

‘Compliance’ is often dreaded by employees in many organisations. Employees are frequently disengaged from it, do not understand its importance and do not use what they have learnt from compliance training in their day-to-day decision-making. We aim to put ethics and compliance at the very heart of an organisation, which we believe is where it should be.

We want to make compliance completely natural for organisations and their employees. Our aim is for them to understand that behaving ethically is the best way to competitive advantage in today’s world. And it benefits employees personally as well, because put simply,  “doing the right thing” makes them feel good.

What we do

OBi provides three main services:

  • Code of Conduct websites
  • Online ethics and compliance assessments for employees
  • Employee communications and engagement

We also innovate and provide thought leadership

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