Business success demands business integrity

Firms are waking up to the fact that compliance is not about ticking boxes. These days, business success demands something different: a corporate culture centered on integrity and ethical behaviour that’s demonstrable to the regulators and drives profitability.

We’re working with smart firms, who are doing something about it, and not just giving their employees repeated hours of mandatory compliance training. That was the old world.

In the new world of compliance:

  • Effectiveness is the only measure
  • Employee experience is the driver not policy
  • Training is relevant, delivered at the right time and at the point of need
  • Training is driven by risk

Putting ethics and compliance at the heart of your organisation

‘Compliance’ is often dreaded by employees. They are frequently disengaged from it, do not understand its importance and do not use what they have learnt from compliance training in their day-to-day decision-making.

Likewise Compliance professionals are too often driven by fear. Instead of doing what is right for the firm they demand that employees do needless of hours of eLearning. This might ‘tick the boxes’ for regulators, but, sadly, it holds no water with prosecutors who no longer see this as a mitigating factor when  it comes to fines and remediation.

We aim to put ethics and compliance at the very heart of your organisation, which we believe is where it should be – directly connected to your business goals.

We want to make compliance completely natural for organisations and their employees. Our aim is for them to understand that behaving ethically is the best way to competitive advantage in today’s world. And it benefits employees personally as well, because put simply,  “doing the right thing” makes them feel like they are working for the right company.

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